Financial Services Manager (and Deputy Section 151 Officer) (JXRBCFSMD151)



£500 - £615/day

- United Kingdom -- England -- West Midlands -- Warwickshire -- Rugby

Job Type

04 January 2019


  • To manage and lead the Council’s Financial Services function, including managing the operation of all activities of the Financial Services and leading all members of financial staff in their work and development.
  • To act as Deputy Section 151 Officer under the Local Government Act 1972
    • To assist and report to the Head of Corporate Resources as Chief Financial Officer (Section 151 Officer) in the operation and development of all financial activities of the Council
    • To provide financial advice and information to all Councillors and officers within the Council
    • To contribute towards the democratic and corporate activities of the Council.

The post holder will champion excellent management of financial resources, promoting efficiency, high performance, probity and excellent value for money services.  The post holder will play a crucial role in the delivery of service transformation, driving efficiency and productivity improvements and also the optimisation of income opportunities, to contribute towards the achievement of financial self-sufficiency.

The post holder will ensure that members and officers are provided with high quality strategic advice and direction on financial strategies, policies, standards and practices, enabling timely and well-informed decisions to be made in the knowledge of the impact of those decisions will have financially on the Council.


1.1         Manage the Financial Services’ contribution to the Council’s annual budgetary and financial cycles in collating information and reporting to Cabinet and Council.

1.2         Coordinate capital, revenue and financing information for the budget process to assist the financial management of the Council.

1.3         Ensure information is produced for special projects to assist services in achieving their service objectives.

1.4         To report to the Head of Corporate Resources in the operation of financial management and control within the Council including maintaining the Council’s Financial Instructions in conjunction with Corporate Assurance & Improvement Team.

1.5         Manage the production of financial strategies including the Medium Term Financial Strategy, Medium Term Financial Plan, Capital Strategy and Treasury Management Strategy.

1.6         Contribute towards the development of a commercial approach across the Council, recommending and supporting moves into new income generating areas and advising on the most efficient company structures and other related financial matters.

1.7         Champion excellent management of financial resources, promoting efficiency, high performance, probity and excellent value for money services.

1.8         Coordinate and ensure completion of the annual closure of the Council’s service accounts including balance sheet control accounts.

1.9         Manage the production of required financial information for final accounts including coordinate and complete the Council’s Financial Statements and Whole of Government Accounts each year.

1.10      Ensure that the Council delivers Value for Money in its procurement of goods, and creates financial savings wherever possible.

1.11      Interpret current and new legislation and coordinate and develop the accounting processes created by these new requirements as well as by local and central government initiatives.

1.12      Ensure financial training is prepared and delivered to officers and Councillors to increase financial awareness and assist with budget preparation and monitoring.

1.13      Manage the reconciliation and control of the Council’s cash investment and borrowing activities.

1.14      Coordinate the Financial services contribution to the development of all new modules of the FMS and other financial systems including the payroll system, to ensure best use of the systems is being made and they are compliant with changes in legislation/regulations.

1.15      Be responsible for and supervise the central operation of the Council’s processing of invoices and payments to creditors, CIS records and maintain the security of the process.

1.16      Manage, guide and support the training and development of all employees within Financial Services.

1.17      Work with senior management, officers and Councillors within the Council to ensure the proper conduct of the Council’s financial activities.

1.18      Liaise with representatives of other local authorities, Government departments, External Audit and other professional bodies on professional issues.

1.19      Represent the Head of Corporate Resources as required and attend officer working parties and Council meetings to provide financial advice and assistance.

1.20      To work in accordance with Council’s Corporate Values and promote their adoption within the Financial Services team and across the wider organisation.


2.1         To represent Financial Services at presentations, induction seminars and any other meetings where financial advice, assistance or guidance is required.

2.2         Member of Corporate Management Forum; Resources Management Team; and other appropriate groups/working parties as required.

2.3         Finance representative at meetings of Cabinet or Council when required.

2.4         Any other reasonable duties as requested by your manager, in line with your skills and knowledge.


           Direct reports:


            Principal Accountant – Housing, Capital and Projects

            Principal Accountant – Financial Planning

            Capital Accountant (1)

            Technical Accountant (1)

           Senior Finance Officers (4)

            Finance Officers (2)

Procurement Officer (1)

            Senior Payments Officer (1)

            Payments Officers (1)



4.1         Significant responsibilities for Council’s overall financial activities as Financial Services Manager and Deputy Section 151 Officer

4.2         Budgetary responsibility for the services’ administration, to authorise purchase orders and certify invoices within limits set by the Head of Resources.

4.3         Responsibility to authorise payment of unlimited amount including the Council’s investment and borrowing transactions and counter sign large value cheques (over £50,000)

4.4         Responsibility to authorise grant claims and other government returns on behalf of the Council.

4.5         Accountable for the production of the Council’s accounts and annual Financial Statements.

4.6         To ensure adherence to the Council’s financial rules and procedures as set out below:


  • Responsible for ensuring all systems used within the Financial Services Team including the Financial Management System and asset management system are fit for purpose and being maximised to their potential in line with the requirements of the services provided by the council.
  • Responsible for ensuring all sensitive data e.g. supplier data is held securely.
  • Responsible for ensuring all financial records are held for the appropriate duration in accordance with the Council’s policies and HMRC requirements.


  • Works with senior management, officers and Councillors within the Council
  • Liaises with professional members of other local authorities, Government departments, External Audit and members of other professional bodies on professional accountancy and financial issues
  • Maintains contacts with consultants and suppliers of IT and with representatives of other services
  • Responds to enquiries from members of the public and gives financial advice to Councillors when requested


Largely office based. Occasionally required to attend and represent Financial Services at evening Council meetings outside normal working hours or at external meetings usually within normal working hours


All staff have to act within the Council’s rules and follow all reasonable management requirements.  These are contained within: the Council’s Standing Orders, Employment Policies, Constitution and Code of Conduct for Employees.  Other documents may be introduced at times setting out rules of the Council.  These will cover responsibilities and requirements for the following:

Financial Accounting

Equality and Diversity

Health and Safety

Risk Management

Anti- Fraud

Data Quality and Data Protection

Business Continuity

Major Emergency Plan

Procurement and Contract Management

Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Copies of the relevant rules and policy are available on the staff intranet or from your manager

In addition, all employees are expected to behave in line with our Values and Behaviours and challenge other employees whose behaviour is against our values.

Contact information

Glenn Bourne